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    Extended Warranty for your piece of mind

    For even more peace of mind you can purchase extended warranties. All of our vehicles are supplied with a comprehensive 3 months parts and labour warranty. The warranty allows for a maximum claim limit of £500 per claim with an unlimited number of claims up to the retail value of the car!

    You can extend this to 12 months or 24 months. Purchasing this extended warranty increases the claims limit to £1,000 per claim.

    Prices for additional cover varies according to the vehicle.

    Details as follows:

    For normally aspirated (non-turbocharged) engines, 2 wheel drive with an engine capacity of less than 2500cc the prices are:
    12 months = £ 273.00
    24 months = £ 420.00

    For normally aspirated engines over 2500 cc, with or without turbo charger, including 4 wheel drive vehicles likes Mitsubishi Shoguns and Isuzu Troopers the prices are:
    12 months = £ 390.00
    24 months = £ 630.00

    For all twin turbo vehicles, or any vehicle with a retail value of £15,000 or more the prices are:
    12 months = £ 546.00
    24 months = £ 840.00

    Please note these prices only apply at the time of purchase since the Insurance Premium Tax is set at only 5%. If purchased later the prices increase by 12.5%.

    We can also supply cover for MOT, loss of keys, and finance GAP - which covers the difference between the price the insurance company pays you in the event of toal loss, and the price you paid for the vehicle for up to 36 months. For example, if you paid £10,000 for the vehicle and it was a total loss anytime within 36 months (including the 30th day of the 35th month) the GAP policy would pay you up to £5,000 of the difference between what the insurance company now value your vehicle at, and the price you paid us! It's a tremendous policy and we can't recommend it highly enough.

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