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    You can benefit from our single-minded purpose in business - To help you get the finest vehicle for your money……..

    Let's have a look at how your car was first located in Japan…..
    Our staff in Japan are constantly searching out the finest vehicles at wholesalers and car auctions. Once they have located the vehicles that meet our strict criteria our staff thoroughly inspect the vehicle and grade it prior to purchase.

    Once purchased it has to be transported to our yard where it is cleaned and prepared for delivery to the port for export. The vehicle must then be de-registered and documentation is prepared to allow shipment to the UK.

    Once the vehicle reaches the UK the shipping must be paid. The following charges must also be paid prior to release of the vehicle. 10% duty on the vehicle price and shipping; 17.5% VAT based on the purchase price, shipping and duty, we also have to pay port charges and clearing agents fees.

    Once the vehicle has been customs cleared we are able to transport the vehicle to our depot or designated center. The latter is normally done if the end user is in the south as our depot is in the north and it is pointless in incurring extra transport cost. Whichever the case the Speedo has to be converted from KPH to MPH, a rear fog light has to be fitted and any other work that is needed to prepare the vehicle for single vehicle approval (SVA) which is carried out by inspectors from the ministry of transport at a designated test station.

    Once the SVA certificate has been issued it can then be registered unless it is more than three years old in which case we also need to obtain a MOT certificate.

    We are merciless about overhead and constantly work to keep it to the very minimum so we can offer far better value than other suppliers.
    So instead of having expensive premises in the centre of Manchester we operate from less showy premises in the countryside. Instead of having flashy salesman that you would have to pay for we all will help you look at the cars - including our mechanics who are very happy to show you around. By keeping our overheads low we can afford to sell you a vehicle at much less than our competition.

    Instead of expecting you to pay for things you don't want we'll give you the choice in a variety of point of sale offers like alarms, immobilisers, insurance deals, special deals on finance. And a load of other things too including unbelievable deals on computers if you are so inclined! So we let you make your choices and build the right package for you.

    We think you will find it refreshingly different, and would love to welcome you as one of our very happy clients.

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